Ceba United F.C (CUFC) soccer in your community. We are a youth football (soccer) club passionate about the beautiful game.

    The name CEBA UNITED F.C was established in late 2014 to provide a community-based program to youth athletes looking to explore and learn soccer. The idea of the club is to play competitively in the local leagues in 2018 but was offered an opportunity to use the JaHbat name and that’s when JaHbat-Naper F.C was formed. Fast forward to the spring of 2020 we have agreed to part ways and the CEBA UNITED F.C brand became official. Ceba United F.C (CUFC) goal is to provide a platform for players of all skill levels to develop, learn, and be the best athlete. Our promise to current players to give them a PURPOSE to play and enjoy the beautiful game. We pride ourselves on creating the best environment for the development of young players, both as footballers and as people.
  • Our drive and passion are to develop “Impact Players” to respond to challenges.
  • Our launch in early 2020 came with challenges during that period of time the world and the country were facing the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.  This virus has claimed many lives, businesses, and livelihood but through it all, we continue to stay positive following the guidelines and engage as often as we could with our young players, and constantly communicating with our families. We know the road ahead will be brighter once things are back to somewhat normal and we will deliver the joy of the game back to players again.
  • Ceba United F.C building friendships to bridge cultures and boosting health, we make it possible for everyone – including players, families, and coaches to take part in a well-run football (soccer) club. As we continue to strive for exceptional, we foster a FUN, SAFE, FRIENDLY, and ENGAGING environment.
  • Ceba United F.C (CUFC) a firm believer in the positive impact sports can play in the lives of kids for generations to come.

Join us in making our mission and foundation a place where your child and future kids to our program have a phenomenal experience.

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Ceba United F.C is committed to providing a platform, the tools, and education to develop players to make an impact on and off the field to succeed.
Our mission is to provide direction, education, and opportunities to all players that have shown commitment and determination to accomplish their goal.



Ceba United F.C believes that every player is capable of learning and developing to better themselves to reach their goals.
We will give our best to every player and we expect the best from every player.
Let’s play soccer…



Ceba United F.C is devoted to excellence in providing players pathway to develop and succeed playing at the highest level.