What impact a player’s performance will have after two seasons without playing in competitive leagues?

Younger players who were gaining confidence will see their confidence fall, and getting back in the frame of mind will be harder than we might think. Helping players transition back to performing at the highest level is also a focus of the Ceba United F.C coaching team. We are making it easier for young players to transition to familiar routines building confidence and perform with dominance on the pitch. Players are the most important assets of the Ceba United F.C organization, we understand that each player brings a different personality to an organization. Our focus is on the development and mentorship of each player and making sure that they are aware of the value they bring to the team. Whether a player is a beginner or advanced a player’s confidence is sometimes the biggest issue that impacts their performances.

Ceba United F.C is consistently improving and encourages players to participate in the continuous development and education of player/coach.

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Our Biddy soccer for (beginners – 5 yrs.- 9 yrs. non-travel program)

Our Biddy soccer is the grassroots development program for players opting to transition to travel soccer and play competitively.

Our travel soccer for (players – 7 yrs.  and older play competitively)

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